Silent Auction

We are excited to return to an in-person event this year in Glendale, Arizona. Following the success of our completely online auction last year, and since we will have a number of virtual attendees to Seminar this year, we are hosting a hybrid silent auction with both online and onsite items, so that all may participate. So, whether you participate in National Seminar with us onsite in Arizona or virtually from your home, everyone will have the opportunity to bid on a great lineup of donated items.

To donate an item or items to the National Seminar Silent Auction, please fill out the form below for each item you are donating. Please do NOT ship your items to the seminar site.  Note delivery options below.

    Are You bringing this item to National Seminar with you to place in our in-person auction? *
    Yes, so HMA is responsible for getting it to the winning bidderNo, but I will ship it to the winning bidderThis is a digital product or online experience, and I will contact the winner directly

    Is it okay if we combine your donation with other similar donations to create a basket? *
    Yes, please do what you want.No, this is a stand-alone item.

    Please acknowledge donation as follows (donor name as it should appear in publications and online) *

    Please make this donation anonymous *

    Please upload up to 4 photos of your item to appear on the auction site.
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    This may take up to two minutes to process. Please do NOT navigate away from this page until you see confirmation that it has been successfully submitted. If you do not receive a confirmation email (be sure to check your SPAM folder), please contact us at

    Silent Auction Donation Ideas

    Themed Baskets or Boxes

    Collect items that represent your Area, state, or locality such as food items, souvenirs, items known for being manufactured in your area.

    Handcrafted Craft Items

    Are you a maker of jewelry, quilts, unique sewing projects, wood carvings, etc.? Consider donating your work either bell-related or otherwise.

    Music Commissions

    Each year, attendees look forward to bidding on music commissions from their favorite composers and arrangers. Your work would be a much-appreciated addition to the silent auction.

    Virtual Coaching Session

    People are becoming more used to learning in a virtual environment. If you’re a handbell clinician, you might offer your services for an online Zoom or Skype coaching session for a choir, ensemble or soloist.

    A Weekend or a Week in a Timeshare

    If you have some days in a timeshare you will not be using, consider donating them to the silent  auction

    Handbell Books and Music

    Do you have books or sets of music that you’re no longer using? Perhaps they can find a new home through the silent auction.

    Achieving Artistic Arpeggios

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