Class Schedule – Thursday, July 11

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Session 5: 9:00 AM – 10:15 AM 

Advanced Bass Bells: Developing the Individual Ringer and the Section, Justin Wooten 

Arranging Rock, Pop, and Jazz for Handbells, Ron Mallory 

Basics Revisited: Your 100,000k Measure Tune-Up, Michèle Sharik 

Beginning Ringing Track*, (Session 2 of 5) Griff Gall
*starts at 8:45 AM

Beginning Solo Ringing, Ron Bellamy 

Fascinating Rhythms: System of Ta, Susan Capestro 

Handbells, Data Science, and Artificial Intelligence, Mitchell Eithun 

Ringers Rehearsal Techniques, Beth Judd 

Spinning Around the Circle of Fifths, Michael Glasgow 

Take Me Out to the Bell Game, Lisa Arnold 

Whitechapel Maintenance, Sandra and Martin Winter 

Showcase: There’s Always Hope, Hope Publishing, Brenda Austin

Session 6: 10:30 AM – 11:45 AM 

Advanced Ringing Track, (Session 3 of 6), Andy Wallace 

Basics Revisited: Your 100,000 Measure Tune-Up, Michèle Sharik 

Beginning Bass Bells: Molding the Individual Ringer and the Section, Justin Wooten 

Easy Programing with GarageBand, Damien Lim

Fewer Hands Can Still Make Big Music, Kathleen Wissinger 

Going Digital: Using Technology for Music in Handbells, Rick Holdsworth 

Instilling Musicality in the Beginning Handbell Choir, Daniel Moore 

Practicing at Home With or Without Bells, Ron Mallory 

Problem Solving for Rhythm Challenges, Marci Nuoffer 

Quartet Ringing Basics, Sharon Schmidt 

Understanding and Integrating Jazz in Handbell Music, Travis Maslen 

Showcase: Something Old, Something New, AGEHR Publishing, Brian Childers


Session 7: 1:45 PM – 3:00 PM 

All-Star Choir Rehearsal, (Session 3 of 7) David Harris 

Between the Music, P.L. Grove 

Do Not Be Afraid: Theory Is Fun!, Joy Toll-Chandler 

First Look: Strategies for Sight-Reading Success, Stevie Berryman 

Instilling Musicality in the Beginning Handbell Choir, Daniel Moore 

Intermediate Ringing Track, (Session 2 of 6) Sandra Eithun 

Intermediate Solo Ringing, Ron Bellamy 

Left or Right: A Guide to Malleting, Jack Burdwood 

Schulmerich Maintenance, Thomas Smith 

Take It Up a Notch: How to Advance Beyond the Basics, Jennifer Stack 

The Struggle is Real! Rehearsal Techniques and Strategies for Developing Directors, (Session 1 of 2) Lynn Atkins 

Showcase: What’s New in Pop? 8-Bit Handbell Publishing, Nick Hanson, Brian Seemann

Session 8: 3:15 PM – 4:30 PM 

Adaptive Notation: Evolving into the Digital World, Diana Montgomery 

All-Star Choir Rehearsal, (Session 4 of 7) David Harris 

Audition Skills for Ringers, Sharon Schmidt 

Balloons, Stevie Berryman 

How Do I Conduct That? Keeping the Bell Choir Together When the Music Gets Weird, Joel Plaag 

Intermediate Ringing Track, (Session 3 of 6) Sandra Eithun 

Just 2s and 3s: Rhythms Made Easy, Brian Seemann 

Roundtable: I’m Excited, Where is Everybody?, Michael Glasgow 

Take Me Out to the Bell Game, Lisa Arnold 

When Left is Right: Weaving and Displacement, P.L. Grove 

Showcase: The Diversity of Handbells: Small Ensemble and Solo Music, Heitz Handbells, Alison Pruett, Nikki Evans, Ingrid Daniel, Michèle Sharik, and Carol Scheel


Unpublished Reading Session, Led by Ed Rollins – 7:15 PM – 8:45 PM