Class Schedule – Saturday, July 13

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Session 13: 9:00 AM – 10:15 AM 

Beginning Ringing Track*, (Session 4 of 5) Griff Gall
*Starts at 8:45 AM

Bell Trees Continued: Beyond the First Branch, Laura Blauch 

Coordination Conundrums, Marie Loeffler (Full)

Distinctly Teen Dress Rehearsal, Erik Der (in Ballroom A) 

How Do I Conduct That? Keeping the Bell Choir Together When the Music Gets Weird, Joel Plaag 

Left or Right? A Guide to Malleting, Jack Burdwood 

Roundtable: Managing Performance Anxiety, Nikki Evans 

Shtick Happens, Stevie Berryman 

There’s More Than One Way to Peel a Banana – A Hands-On Overview of Different Assignment Methods, Michèle Sharik 

Training for Handbells: Building Strength, Endurance, and Durability, Justin Wooten 

Using Boomwhackers with Specials Needs Populations, Young Students, Seniors and Dementia Patients, Charlotte Herbstsomer 

Showcase: Something Older… Mostly Newer… All Terrific!, From the Top Music, Kathryn Jurado

Session 14: 10:30 AM – 11:45 AM 

All-Star Choir Dress Rehearsal, (Session 7 of 7) David Harris (in Ballroom A) 

Choosing Repertoire for the Classroom, Brian Seemann 

Intermediate Ringing Track, (Session 5 of 6) Sandra Eithun (Full)

Keep Calm and Carillon, Mitchell Eithun 

Music Activities: Bells and Chimes for Older Adults, Bruna Marinho de Almeida 

Plink, Plank, Plunk: 1 + 2 = Malleting, Damien Lim  (Full)

Practicing at Home With or Without Bells, Ron Mallory (Full)

Refreshing and New Teambuilding Activities, Greg Urban 

Roundtable: The Care and Feeding of Your Handbell Clinician, Brenda Austin 

Scavenger Hunt: Deciphering Handbell Notation, Lisa Arnold 

Showcase: The Mallet Makes the Difference: Making Good Choices, Schulmerich Bells LLC, Greig Ashurst