Classes at National Seminar cover all aspects of handbell musicianship:

Techniques for treble to bass, solo to ensemble; beginning to advanced conducting; handbells in worship and education; musicality, percussion, and rhythm; managing and building a handbell program; and so much more. Review all the options below and make your selection before you begin the registration process.

A Hand Clappin’, Foot-Stompin’ Funky Good Time presented by Michèle Sharik

As handbell musicians, we’re pretty good at using our hands, but how about adding in our feet? Four-limb independence is the Holy Grail of coordination exercises, so let’s work on getting our feet moving, too!
Number of sessions for this class: 1

Add Bells and Stir! Processionals presented by Kathleen Wissinger

Surround sound for the audience! A flash of bronze and ribbons! We’ll explore a few ways to ring bells away from the tables with easy patterns, chords, pentatonic clusters and more.  No experience necessary!! Be sure to wear your walking shoes.
Number of sessions for this class: 1

Beginning Solo Techniques presented by Ronald Bellamy

This class will demonstrate a wide variety of techniques applicable to solo ringing, including table damping, weaving, multiple-bell techniques, and displacement of bells.  Participants will also learn how to clearly mark their music for future reference.
Number of sessions for this class: 1

Bell Bowl presented by Neesa Hart

Pit your knowledge of bells against other teams to see who reigns supreme. Trophies, game shows, and tons of fun are a great way to learn all about bells
Number of sessions for this class: 1

Bell Tree Forum presented by Barbara Brocker

This is a chance for all of us in bell trees to talk – beginners, composers, teachers in schools, concert performers, directors of bell-trees-with-bell-choirs, and more.  We’ll look at where we are now, what we need, the realities, and where we go from here.  All are welcome!
Number of sessions for this class: 1

Bell Trees – Beginning Keyboard presented by Barbara Brocker

The bell tree “keyboard” is a logical approach to playing more music in many keys.  You will have a chance, in small groups, to build the basic two-octave setup with sharps and flats.  You’ll also have music to play using the setup.  Pre-requisite: Either the “Bell Trees – In the Beginning” class or experience playing bell trees.
Number of sessions for this class: 1

Bell Trees – Beyond the Basics presented by Barbara Brocker

Beyond the Basics includes playing with four mallets, techniques for playing faster and smoother, damping, tips on memorization, creating a bell tree part out of a bell choir score, and more.  Prerequisite is Bell Trees In the Beginning or experience playing bell trees.  Even a beginning bell tree player can avoid pitfalls by grasping these concepts early on.
Number of sessions for this class: 1

Bell Trees – In the Beginning presented by Barbara Brocker

There’s a first time for stringing up and playing bell trees.  If you’ve always wanted to try it but didn’t know where to start, this is a safe place to do it.  (It’s also for ringers and directors who want a review or want to see how someone else teaches the topic.)  We’ll assemble a string or two, find ways of solving the problem of bells touching each other, try different mallets, and learn mallet technique.  We’ll talk about stands.  You’ll have a chance to become familiar with playing a bell tree and will have played some tunes by the end of the class.
Number of sessions for this class: 1

Building Skills for the Ensemble presented by Emily Li

Handbell ringing is about coordination the body. It is essential to include some uniform exercises in the weekly rehearsals in order to build up various rhythmic and technical skills for the ensemble, whether it is at the beginning, intermediate or advanced level. This 2-sessions track will give you ideas of various uniform exercises that can be applied to ensembles of different levels.
Number of sessions for this class: 2

Change Ringing Made Practical presented by Sandra Winter

How would you like learn something which is easy to use in worship or concert which only requires three ringers and 6 handbells, thus no need for tables, foam or music? The aim of the class is to teach you “call change ringing” and “method change ringing” which are the origins of the art we practice today. The goal is for an ensemble of three ringers to be able to ring basic sequences and a method called a Plain Hunt which can be used in worship as a call to worship, introduction to a hymn or closing response, or as a demonstration of change ringing.
Number of sessions for this class: 1

Concrete Solutions for Common Problems presented by Arnold Sherman

As you direct or ring in a handbell choir, do you find yourself thinking or saying these things when challenges arise?  “Stop rushing!”  “Ring together!”  “Ring more musically!”  “Watch that ritard!”  Responses such as these are great for stating the problem but don’t often bring about progress.  The aim of this class is to teach you concrete strategies for tackling a variety of problematic situations in handbell choirs.  The goal is to supply you with techniques and exercises that will make your choir more effective.
Number of sessions for this class: 1

Conducting Creatively I & II presented by Beth Judd

A great conductor once said “Conduct your imagination” but we are often so caught up in the nuts and bolts of teaching the music that our conducting can become an afterthought or counter to the intent of the composer/arranger. Class I will explore our imaginations and our freedom of expression in our gesture. Class II will utilize those creative movements achieved in Class I to provide a clear and wonderfully expressive gesture. Bring your baton and your willingness to explore your imagination to both classes!
Number of sessions for this class: 2

Coordination Conundrums presented by Michele Sharik

Looking for that next-level challenge? Good coordination is essential to making music safely with handbells and chimes. Come break, er, BUILD your brain as we tackle all the exercises in Valerie Stephenson’s “Coordination Conundrums”!
Number of sessions for this class: 1

Coppers Musicians: Handbell’s Middle Child presented by Ellie Hodder

Tools to engage, excite, motivate and raise the bar for intermediate handbell musicians. They are the heart and soul of our ensembles. What can we do to help them soar and bring new energy to our ensembles?
Number of sessions for this class: 1

Creating An Interactive Concert Performance presented by Josh Fitzgerald

In an ever-changing world where folks must choose between meaningful experiences for their time, have we as handbell musicians considered how creating interactive concerts might change our audiences’ commitment to supporting our craft?  It might feel safer just to talk and recite trivia between our pieces, but a truly interactive experience for our listeners might be a vital component to keeping our audiences energized and coming back for more.  Come explore some innovative ways our performing groups can help audiences connect more deeply and fully to the music we present.
Number of sessions for this class: 1

Creating and Sustaining A Handbell Program for Young Ringers presented by Neesa Hart

The Hows and Whys of youth and children’s bell ringing
Number of sessions for this class: 1

Creative Teaching Tactics presented by Bob Avant

Gathered from decades of handbell teaching experience, the presenter brings new life and concepts of teaching skills and musicality to ringers at every level. These unique approaches have shown immediate and long term results. Topics in this hands-on session include Vertical Alignment (playing together), selected Visual Aspects, Multiple Bell Techniques, Dynamic Control, Velocity Improvement (linear timing), Standardizing the Shake Effect, Musicality, Refining the Singing Bell Technique and more as time permits. Participants will see these concepts presented and experience them first-hand as a ringer in order to create a full understanding of the teaching process and performance results.
Number of sessions for this class: 1

Creative Techniques for Teaching Young Musicians presented by Neesa Hart

This class will introduce a new method for teaching handbells to young ringers that yields superior musicianship and lasting results
Number of sessions for this class: 1

Different Assigning Strategies presented by KatRyn Howell

Covering many way assigning has been assigned, from Allured to the present. Offering different tried and true methods; why and when they are useful. Ideas for small groups, or for groups that are suddenly smaller.
Number of sessions for this class: 1

Do it Right and Make it Beautiful! presented by Hyosang Park

Handbell techniques are evolving constantly.  Some techniques are unique to handbells, and some are common among other instruments but performed differently on bells. In this class, you’ll learn and review some of the special handbell techniques.  This is a hands-on class, so you will have the opportunity to play musical examples with those techniques. Let’s play musically.
Number of sessions for this class: 1

Do You Come Here Often? presented by Stevie Berryman Michael Glasgow

The most valuable thing we bring home from National Seminar is friendship. The connections we make with each other at this event are invaluable, and we need more of them. With a nod to “speed dating,” attendees will pair up with others to share experiences, questions, and recommendations. (Don’t worry, it only lasts a couple minutes and then you meet someone new!)  Whether you want to do serious networking, or get some music suggestions, or just meet some new people without a bell in your hand, come talk to Michael. And Stevie. And a few other awesome people. We’re better together!
Number of sessions for this class: 1

Finding the Funds presented by Neesa Hart

This class will provide an overview of fundraising options for bell choirs – church, community and school groups
Number of sessions for this class: 1

Flute Choir presented by Sondra Tucker

Can handbell classics be played effectively by a flute choir?  All flutists are welcome to join this non-auditioned group.  Two class-time rehearsals will lead to a performance in the HIC area! Flutists must commit to both rehearsals in order to perform.
Number of sessions for this class: 2

Four-in-Hand Techniques presented by KatRyn Howell

Making students aware of at least 7 different styls of 4iH. How the bells are put together, how to ring them, and practice ringing. Advantages and disadvantages for each style. Methodology and hands-on can provide those ringers ready to branch out with the tools to make them a more versatile ringer. Or for directors to take back to their choirs, and encourage especially treble ringers to be ready to step in in their neighbor is absent.
Number of sessions for this class: 1

Got Two Hands. How Many Bells?! presented by Hyosang Park

“I only have two hands…but there are too many bells to play.” Does that “ring a bell?” Since we only have two hands, we need different techniques to ring more bells. The class will cover techniques involving multiple bells, such as weaving three to four bells, weaving bells with chimes mixed in, playing chromatic passages with mid-air pass, and playing a difficult passage musically with an alternate damping technique.

Number of sessions for this class: 1

Handbell Escape Room presented by Stevie Berryman

Between sorting out key and meter changes, navigating page turns, and conquering “Krug chords,” handbell ringers are outstanding problem solvers. Now it’s time to use those skills in a different kind of challenge! In the classic Escape Room style, class participants will be required to pool their knowledge and bell skills to solve a series of puzzles. But you must act quickly. The clock is ticking, and it’s almost time for curtains!
Number of sessions for this class: 1

Intro to Conducting (non-certification) presented by Alan Reese

For aspiring and newer conductors – whether you are starting out or wanting a refresher in conducting a handbell choir.  If you use or are interested in using a baton, please bring one with you!
Number of sessions for this class: 1

Listening Skills for Ringers and Directors presented by Carolynne Mathis

Our rehearsals improve when we are better listeners, aware of more than just our notes.  Better listening helps ringers fit their notes into a melody line or a crescendo/decrescendo.  The more ringers are aware of all the music and what the role of their individual notes are, the better the groups performances will be.  This class offers suggestions to both directors and ringers for improving listening skills
Number of sessions for this class: 1

Live Streaming 101 presented by Derek Nance Bob Avant

Curious about Live Streaming your concerts? This session will provide a beginners look at about this developing technology. Topics include: process overview, legal issues to address, equipment requirements with options and costs, network requirements, service providers (with an emphasis on free), technical considerations, tips and Q&A.
Number of sessions for this class: 1

Live Streaming 201 presented by Derek Nance and Bob Avant

Live streaming can seem like magic performed by wizards with a computer and internet access. In this hands on session we will examine the set up used to live stream concerts at this conference and have a discussion about live streaming, answering participants specific questions. Participation in Live Streaming 101 is recommended before taking this course, but not required.
Number of sessions for this class: 1

Make an Origami Lucky Pouch presented by Hyosang Park

Do you want to try something different and have fun without bells? Come and learn origami, the Korean and Japanese art of folding paper into shapes and figures. You will learn to make a Korean lucky pouch with colorful Haanjee paper and Korean knots.  Different styles of Korean traditional clothing known as Haanbok will also be introduced. And learn how people wore the lucky pouch. $5.00 fee due for supplies at the time of the class.
Number of sessions for this class: 1

Making It Look Easy (Solo Ringing) presented by Ronald Bellamy

This class will look at small sections of a number of solo handbell selections, and discuss/demonstrate a variety of ways to “attack” the music.  We will discuss memorization, movement, and planning ahead as ways to make your audience feel comfortable watching you perform.
Number of sessions for this class: 1

Mallet Technique (Play Like a Percussionist) presented by Alex Guebert

Mallet Technique (Play Like a Percussionist). Handbells are percussion instruments, so we should think like percussionists and use proper mallet technique that is ergonomic and produces the best, most musical tone.  We start by building good habits with fundamentals of technique: proper grip, creating a hinge with the fingers, using gravity as leverage, proper preparatory and follow-through gestures, and more. Bring your own mallets.
Number of sessions for this class: 1

Malmark Maintenance presented by Joann Malta

Learn the basic tools and skills you need to maintain your Malmark handbells and Choirchimes®.

Metal & Muscle presented by KatRyn Howell

Do you want to be able to survive a bell-a-thon? Have the strenth to ring D3 off the table with ease? Hold G4/A4 B4/C5 4iH for a 10 minutes piece? Stand through an hour rehearsal without getting tired? These exercises were developed by Susan Berry in her book “Healthy Ringing” and set to upbeat music – kind of bell aerobics complete with warm-ups and cool downs. A great way to start your rehearsal, or close out the night.
Number of sessions for this class: 1

Multimedia in Handbell Performance presented by Ron Mallory

Multimedia technology provides exciting opportunities for handbell groups to enhance their concert and worship presentations with recorded backtracks, slideshows, and video. In this class we’ll look at some easy and creative ways to include multimedia elements in handbell performances, and get an overview of the software and equipment involved. It’s not as difficult as you might think, and the possibilities are endless!
Number of sessions for this class: 1

Musicality: How to Make Handbell Music Sound Beautiful presented by Alex Guebert

Playing the notes on the page correctly? Great! But that’s not enough. Where do you go from here? In this class, you will learn how to find the music that is NOT written on the apge. You will learn strategies for shaping melodic phrases, and for distinguishing strong versus weak beats. You’ll learn that you can discover these elements in every piece of music. You’ll leave this class seeing all handbell music in new light, excited to bring true musicality into your handbell world!
Number of sessions for this class: 1

Organizing Your Ringing Year presented by Kathleen Wissinger

Stay Calm – Keep Organizing! Having your ducks in a row (and keeping them there) throughout your ringing year maximizes everyone’s use of time and talents. This class will explore keeping track of all the moving bit and pieces of a ringing year: ringers, equipment, music, repertoire, rehearsals, performing, schedules and more!
Number of sessions for this class: 1

Overview of Music Theory presented by Ron Mallory

Ever wonder why some pieces have lots of sharps and flats, while others have none–or why the composer chose to write certain notes, and not others? This class will give a broad overview of scales, chords, key signatures, melody, harmony, and more, as we take a look “under the hood” of some well-known handbell pieces to see how and why they work. This is a great introduction for those who may be considering music theory certification courses in the future, or who just want a quick primer on the basics of music theory.
Number of sessions for this class: 1

Percussion Instrument Overview presented by Cathy Moklebust

Ever wondered about all those percussion instruments you see in handbell music these days, and how to purchase, hold, and play them? Here’s your chance for a hands-on opportunity! This class may get noisy!
Number of sessions for this class: 1

Practicing at Home presented by Ron Mallory

You’ve just finished rehearsing with your handbell group… and it will be another full week before you can touch the instrument again, so there’s no way to practice on your own. It doesn’t have to be this way! There are many ways handbell musicians can practice at home, even if you don’t have your own personal set of bells. This class will be taught from the perspective of both the ringer (tools you can use to practice at home) and the director (resources you can give your ringers to practice from home).
Number of sessions for this class: 1

Problems, Possibilities and All that Jazz presented by Edward Rollins

This session is a participatory forum designed to generate discussion to help work through problems or to consider new possibilities related to handbells.  Topics are as varied a those in attendance.  Anything goes…group dynamics, church staff, performance anxiety, music selection, why can’t they ring in the right key, age issues, personalities, etc.  Participants generate topics for discussion.
Number of sessions for this class: 1

Recording All Parts Yourself presented by Ron Mallory

Thanks to modern recording technology, it’s possible for an individual or small group to make a high-quality recording of a handbell piece by recording one part at a time to a “click track” and mixing the parts together using digital audio software. This can be a valuable tool for composers, conductors, and ringers as they seek to get a big-picture feel for a piece but may not have the time or opportunity to have it played through by an entire ensemble, and the technique can also be applied to making creative handbell music videos. In this class we’ll look at the technology and process involved in making great handbell recordings without the resources of a full handbell choir.
Number of sessions for this class: 1

Ringing Solos Musically presented by Ronald Bellamy

This class will cover more advanced techniques involved in solo ringing.  Among the topics covered will be multiple-bell techniques, displacement of bells, traveling four-in-hand, and finger and table damping.  In addition, we will discuss the control of tempo and dynamics and the role movement plays in a performance.
Number of sessions for this class: 1

Ringing the Buckets Doesn’t Take Superpowers (even though it may look like it does) presented by Leslie Lewis

Learn how to look like a superhero ringing the bass bells without possessing superpowers (although strength and height do make it easier).  This class teaches the basic techniques and tricks of the trade needed to successfully ring the ‘buckets’ in a healthy manner.  Proper preparation including stretching, equipment, and physical layout will also be covered. BRING MALLETS
Number of sessions for this class: 1

Roundtable: Area Leaders Discussion Group moderated by Kim Braswell and Mya Dundzilla

Do you serve on an Area Board?  Come discuss common challenges and work together to find solutions in the discussion lead by the Regional Membership Coordinators.
Number of sessions for this class: 1

Roundtable: Bronze Ready? moderated by Wendy Ransom

Do you love attending concerts of your favorite community group and wish you could do that too? Well you can! This roundtable will discuss skills and characteristics of what it takes to be a successful bronze level community group ringer. Current community members are welcome to share their thoughts along with musicians looking to become part of a group.
Number of sessions for this class: 1

Roundtable: Community Groups moderated by Jennifer Vangolen

Join members of other community groups to discuss topics unique to these ensembles.
Number of sessions for this class: 1

Roundtable: Creative Worship Planning moderated by Beth Judd

Beth Judd leads a discussion for church musicians looking for new ideas for using handbells in worship.
Number of sessions for this class: 1

Roundtable: Event Equipment Management moderated by Wendy Ransom

You agreed to help with a handbells event and manage the equipment but don’t know where to start.  Come to this round table and hear how the Equipment is managed for seminar and some tips that will also work for your local or area event
Number of sessions for this class: 1

Roundtable: Hosting Your Own Handbell Event moderated by Jennifer Cauhorn

Discuss the ins and outs of hosting your own handbell event. This is a discussion group, so come with questions and ideas to share.
Number of sessions for this class: 1

Roundtable: Meet the National Board moderated by The National Board

Come discuss your ideas and questions about Handbell Musicians of America with your national board of directors.
Number of sessions for this class: 1

Roundtable: Recruiting Ringers and Ringing with Less moderated by Deb Carr and Ed Rollins

Are you always struggling to get enough ringers for your ensemble? Join Ed Rollins and Deb Carr in this discussion of how to recruit new members or perform with less than a full group.
Number of sessions for this class: 1

Roundtable: Solo & Small Ensemble Ringing moderated by Ron Bellamy

Solo and small ensemble ringers gather to share ideas for repertoire, performance, rehearsal, staging, and more.
Number of sessions for this class: 1

Say Goodbye to Cups and Sticks (Great Musical Games) presented by Josh Fitzgerald

Love the cup game and Maori sticks, but need something more?  Come join in the fun and learn new activities which will help you increase rhythmic proficiency, improve music reading skills, and foster group fellowship no matter the age of your choirs.  For ringers who just like to have fun or directors who need some new tricks.  Please wear clothing you feel comfortable actively moving in, because participation IS required!
Number of sessions for this class: 1

Schulmerich Maintenance

Learn the basic tools and skills you need to maintain your Schulmerich handbells and MelodyChimes.

Score Study presented by Alex Guebert

Score Study. Learn to access the deeper meanings in the music by examining every element.  We dig deep and learn how to discover and realize the composer’s intentions to ultimately make better music.  Bring an open mind; leave with new tools to access musicality and meaning!
Number of sessions for this class: 1

Six-in-Hand Methods (For Treble Bell Hogs!) presented by Josh Fitzgerald

Bored to tears with playing your assigned notes in octaves?  Wish that you could play more than 4 high bells at once?  Why not try six?!  This is the class designed for treble bell hogs who can’t get enough of multiple-in-hand bells, or for growing solo/ensemble ringers needing to cover more notes competently.  This class will explore at least four methods of holding 6-in-hand and focus on building proficiency in clean ringing and damping.  This class presumes you have at least intermediate ability and knowledge in various 4-in-hand methods.
Number of sessions for this class: 1

Successful Sight-Reading presented by Stevie Berryman

It’s been said the best way to get better at sight reading is simply to do it.  While there is merit to practicing a skill to improve, this class will give more concrete tools to increase your chances of success. Sight-reading doesn’t have to mean “winging it.” We’ll work through activities and drills you can use in your own rehearsals, or at home, that will push you beyond your current ability.
Number of sessions for this class: 1

Taming the Buckets (assignments and using table space effectively) presented by Leslie Lewis

We’ll take a look at several methods of assigning bass bells and the pros and cons of each.  This class will also offer some suggestions to identifying bells assigned at the front of the score and tips for placing bells to maximize the use of table space available.
Number of sessions for this class: 1

Teaching Handchimes in Independent Living Senior Communities presented by Ellie Hodder

By 2050 there will be over 60 million Americans over age 65. They are active, engaged and wanting to learn. Handchimes engage people mentally, keep them physically active, create community and the end result is beautiful music. Win/win!
Number of sessions for this class: 1

The Next Level (Beyond the Black & White) presented by Matthew Compton

We commonly find ourselves settling into the same old habits with our ensembles and it seems like we become stagnant and we stop improving. It’s more than just the notes we play, the techniques we use, and the people in our ensembles. In this class, see what it means to push yourself or your ensemble to the next level of ringing and going beyond the black and white in the music.
Number of sessions for this class: 1

The Power of One – Unison Exercises presented by Kathleen Wissinger

If only there was a way to teach every ringer what they need to know to prepare for a piece or to learn a new skill. Unison Exercises to the rescue! Efficient and effective – unison exercises can introduce basic theory, techniques and rhythms to beginners, and they can also drill advanced ringers in mixed meters, weaving and 4iH and tricky rhythmic passages.  We’ll cover a wide range of applications for unison exercises – and learn how to write them as well.
Number of sessions for this class: 1

Understanding Our Passion for Handbells presented by Kimberlee Strepka

When asked what it feels like to be a handbell musician, some have used the words, amazing, powerful, surprising, exhilarating, and indescribable. Ensemble handbell ringing is like no other music making experience, and its unique characteristics are explored. This class is based off of a research study on handbells conducted through Boston University. The intelligent body, musical community, and accessibility will be discussed. If you’ve ever wished for a scientific study you could use in promoting the unique benefits of handbell ringing, this class is for you.
Number of sessions for this class: 1

Unpublished Music Reading Session presented by William Mathis

Unpublished-Music Reading Sessions are fantastic opportunities for any composer or arranger to hear his or her unpublished creation(s) sightread by a group of people who are kind, constructive, and enthusiastic about handbells, and for ringers and observers to hear the newest creations for the instrument!  Preregistration is required for presenters. Ringing positions for demonstration choirs will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis, though registered composers will receive a “place at the table” before other ringers.  We will have multiple sets of handbells and chimes, and we will have mallets.
Number of sessions for this class: 2

Whitechapel Maintanance presented by Sandra Winter

Learn the basic tools and skills you need to maintain your Whitechapel handbells.

Worship Alive presented by Beth Judd

Creating those breathless awe moments for the movement of the Spirit in worship is a goal for all who lead. This class will explore some of the ways handbells can enable those special encounters with the holy. In addition, there will be a few opportunities for learning to write your own resources. For those who attended this class in 2018, there will be new examples provided and a prepared demonstration choir will be on hand to perform the music.
Number of sessions for this class: 1





These options involve cumulative learning over multiple class sessions. Participants should plan to attend all sessions included in the track. When registering, please make sure you select the track option you choose in each session it is offered. You are not required to take a track, but if you do, you must attend all sessions of that track.

All Star Choir presented by Arnold Sherman and KC Congdon

This auditioned ensemble will spend 6 class sessions plus a dress rehearsal working with conductors Maestra KC and Maestro Arnold on a journey as we paddle through advanced music with the goal of presenting a concert on Saturday afternoon of the event.  The concert will be shared with the Distinctly Teen ensemble.  Audition is required on Tuesday, July 16. Those who wish to audition should still sign up for other classes in the sessions designated for All Star rehearsals in the event they are not accepted. Black concert attire required.


Title Composer/Arranger Publisher Cat No Level
St Louis Blues March Mizell Choristers Guild CGB1135 – Avail. June 1
Do Lord Morris Beckenhorst behb241 L.5
Pavane Faure/Kirk Laurandale LAHB1119 L.4
Bass-ic Bells Sherman unpub
How Can I keep from Singing Sherman Red River RRHB0060 L.3-
Fantasia** Dobrinski Hope 1158 L.4-5

Number of sessions for this class: 7

Advanced Ringing Track presented by Ed Rollins

The Advanced Ringing Track is an amazing opportunity to ring, and ring at an advanced level.  We will be reading and working on five pieces that incorporate various styles and challenges. The sessions will challenge each ringer to think conceptually about how to make ringing even more musical.  This class is great for the advanced ringer or the ringer desiring assistance to move to a new level.


Title Composer/Arranger Publisher Cat No Level
Sicilienne Faure/Young Shawnee Press MSPHP5171  NA
Hanakage* Toyoda/Murasawa Seibunsha International SI019  3
Enhebrado de la Aguja del Espacio Prins From the Top 20415-HB  5
Fly Me to the Moon  arr. Mallory Jeffers JHS9533  4
Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day arr. McChesney Unpublished – Available at event

*Hanakage is currently listed as Permanently Out of Print.  HMA is working with the publisher to make this piece available for this event.

Number of session for this class: 5

Fascinating Rhythm presented by Cathy Moklebust

Want to explore and develop your rhythmic skills? Would you like to study ethnic rhythms in handbell music? This 3-part class will work on several pieces of music detailing various rhythms. Not your grandma’s handbell choir music!
Number of session for this class: 3

Handbell Director Bootcamp presented by Carolynne Mathis

This is an intensive track of Handbell Pedagogy for both new directors and those wanting new ways to teach and inspire ringers to be the best they can be. The six sessions cover how to teach handbell techniques, the development of pulse/rhythm, tracking, and developing musicality. Also covered are score study, basic conducting, rehearsal techniques, choosing repertoire, and assimilating new ringers.
Number of session for this class: 6

Intermediate Ringing Track presented by Alan Reese

A 5 class ringing track – without the pressure of a performance, we will take selected pieces and get them performance ready.  Rehearsal tips, directing tips and ringing tips will be given.  Music must be purchased for this track.


Appassionata Joy Beckenhorst #HB490 L.3
Fanfare in D Behnke AGEHR #AG46031 L.4
Cantad Al Senor Krug Alfred #AL46253 L.4
A Winter Scene Reese RingTrue #RE8004 L.3+

Number of session for this class: 5

Musicality through Motion Language presented by Kimberlee Strepka

Olympic athletes use it for increased performance. Psychologists use it as a tool for behavioral assessment. The U.S. government uses it to analyze the signatures of war criminals, and the Walt Disney Company uses it to create more expressive cartoon characters. What is this versatile tool? A 3-session ringing track will cover the theory and application of Laban Movement Theory to handbell artistry. Session one covers the theory behind the method, while sessions two and three make application of the theory to numerous aspects of handbell ringing. Whether you are a ringer or director you will never look at handbell technique the same way again.


Grazioso Sherman Red River HB0042 2+
A Call to Celebration Angerman Choristers Guild CGB629 3
Contemplation Buckwalter Choristers Guild CGB873 2

Number of session for this class: 3

Music of Young Composers Ringing Track: The Next Generation presented by Matthew Compton

We all know the big name composers and arrangers in the handbell world. Spend some time learning and preparing some music from a few of the newest and youngest composers (30 years old or younger) to our art form. This track will focus on the stories and hidden gems in each composer’s piece and we will prepare them like we would for a performance.


Mystic Spirit Mitchell Eithun Beckenhorst Press BEHB599 3+
The Lord’s My Shepherd Alex Guebert Choristers Guild CGB979 3+
Joy! Elizabeth Peters AGEHR AG35350 3
The Strom Shall Pass Erdman/Compton Choristers Guild CGB1038 3
Exultate Josh Bauder AGEHR AG35269 4

Number of session for this class: 4

Certification Classes

The Handbell Musicians of America Certification program is a comprehensive curriculum designed to provide training and experience at all levels to handbell musicians. These are the Certification classes being offered at this year’s National Seminar. As these courses fill, priority will be given to those enrolled in the program. If you are not already enrolled and would like to be, go here.

Please note: Many of the Certification Courses require advance purchase of music and materials and/or a video submission before acceptance to the class. Please visit the specific course pages (links provided below within each class description) for complete details about these requirements.

Certification Level 3: Arranging & Composing presented by John Behnke

Bringing the Elements Together in an Arrangement Write a complete arrangement that will effectively use techniques, plus gain a deeper appreciation for the art of arranging and composing. Prerequisite: Arranging and Composing 1 and Music Theory 3 or consent of Instructor
Number of session for this class: 3

Certification Level 3: Conducting presented by Lee Afdahl

Focus on the individual examines the advanced components of conducting, execution of metrical patterns, and the means by which to communicate all the musical indicators contained in the score in a clear, concise, and understandable manner. Repertoire range: Level 5 to 6.
Number of session for this class: 4

Certification Level 3: Handbell Techniques presented by Michèle Sharik

Multiple bell techniques examines multiple-instrument in-hand handbell ringing and damping techniques (commonly known as “four-in-hand” and “six-in-hand”).  Special attention will be given to principles of ergonomics and sound production, identifying notational conventions for these techniques, and considerations for adapting these techniques for use with handchimes. Prerequisite: Handbell Techniques 2
Number of session for this class: 4

Certification Level 3: Handbells in the Community presented by Jennifer Vangolen

This class examines the process of establishing and running a community handbell group. Participants will learn about recruiting ringers, holding auditions, choosing repertoire, writing contracts, securing appropriate licenses, and filing required legal and financial documents. It is particularly helpful to those who are currently involved in community choirs, who have an interest in starting a community choir, or want to be an advocate for community choirs.
Number of session for this class: 2

 Certification Level 3: Music Theory presented by Michael Glasgow

Plumbing the depths will ensure a professional-level working knowledge of music theory, both generally and as it pertains to handbells and handchimes. Prerequisites: Music Theory 2 & Arranging & Composing I
Number of session for this class: 4

Handbell Industry Council Showcase Sessions

The Handbell Industry Council (HIC) coordinates vendor exhibits and HIC SHOWCASES that are available during the National Seminar. Enjoy frequent visits to the exhibit area and the opportunity to browse and purchase products and services offered by HIC vendors. We encourage you to attend the HIC SHOWCASES – presentations and reading sessions by HIC members featuring their publications, products, and services.

AGEHR Publishing – The Newest Publications from AGEHR

Presented by John Behnke

Be sure to attend this hands-on reading session of the latest AGEHR publications. Ring through these pieces and find great music that will work for your handbell and handchime choirs.

Hope Publishing Company – There’s Always Hope

Presented by Brenda Austin, Matthew Compton, Sandra Eithun, Ron Mallory, Linda Lamb, Jason Krug

Join new Editor Benda Austin as you read and ring Hopes’s brand new titles and a few best-selling handbell hits. This session will be packed with great music from a variety of levels and styles. Several of our fine composers are likely to make an appearance to conduct their music. Walk away with one copy of your 3 favorite pieces to peruse at your leisure.

Beckenhorst Press, Inc.

Presented by Brenda Austin, Brian Childers, Patricia Hurlbutt, Jason Krug, Robert Lamb, Ron Malloy, Sondra Tucker, Matthew Compton

Meet and work with the composers directing their newest handbell releases from Beckenhorst Press.

Alfred Handbell (Jubilate Music Group) – New Music from Alfred Handbell

Presented by Sondra Tucker

Ring through exciting new releases from Alfred Handbell, featuring arrangements by today’s leading composers. Alfred Handbell provide music suitable for worship, festival, school, and concert settings.

ringTrue Music – Innovation and Success in Ringing

Presented by Kathleen Wissinger

Ring engaging, innovative music from ringTrue with Kath Wissinger: 8 categories – Split-Level (L2/L1), Class ring (pedagogy), little gems (solos to ensembles), Celebrations (small pieces), True Music (concert/worship), Sing & Ring (songs/anthems), Chord Stories (narrations with characters), First String (bell trees). Stop by the ringTrue booth near Jeffers to see more scores and talk with Kath.

Jeffers Handbell Supply – New Music Reading session

Presented by Kevin McChesney, Bill Ingram

The latest releases from Jeffers Publishing Company.

Heitz Handbells and Music – Solo and Small Ensemble Music Showcase

Presented by Michèle Sharik, David Moklebust, Hyosang Park, Alanna Teragawa

Music from a variety of publishers for soloists and small ensembles will be presented for your listening enjoyment and perusal. Sacred and secular titles encompassing all ability levels will be demonstrated. Try your hands at a quartet or a 12-bell piece! Door prizes and other treats will make this a session you won’t want to miss!

MorningStar Music Publishers – New Handbell Highlights from MorningStar

Presented by Chuck Peery

Handbell music for all ages and levels, from children through advanced ringers, will be showcased in this session. Selections will include new releases, as well as materials for children by Michael Burkhardt.

Choristers Guild – Small Choir? Large Choir? With Choristers Guild Music, It’s All Good!

Presented by Cathy Moklebust, Jason Krug, Michael Glasgow, Mike Joy, Sandy Eithun, Brian Childers

Come and experience a wide array of Choristers Guild music playable by 2, 3, 4, 5 and sometimes more octaves. Check out our awesome music for 12 bells, some with optional piano. Explore versatile music that works in both churches and schools, playable on handchimes or handbells! Be inspired as you ring under the direction of phenomenal composers!

From the Top Music – New Music Releases from From the Top Music

Presented by Amy Maakestad

A showcase featuring the new catalog releases from From the Top Music! Come ring the new music or sit and follow the scores. Secular. Sacred. All levels. Music with other instruments. The reading packet is yours to take home for further perusal.

Malmark, Inc. – Doubling Down with C2-B2 Choirchimes:  A Guide for Ringers, Directors, & Composers

Presented by Kathy Ebling Shaw

If you own or hope to own an extended range of choirchimes, this class is for you! Ensure the life of your instruments by learning more about the science behind their design and use. This Showcase will demonstrate the proper way to ring low chimes as well as incorporate them into a score. Composers are encouraged to attend this Showcase to learn more about writing for these instruments.

Lorenz Corporation – New Releases from Lorenz and Soundforth

Presented by Michael Helman, Alan Lohr

Come and ring some of the outstanding new titles from the Lorenz Corporation and Soundforth Music. You are invited to ring through music by some of the best composers and arrangers in the handbell world.

Schulmerich Bells

Presented by Marie Page, Greig Ashurst

Refining what we should hear with stopped sounds on handbells

Resonate Tours – Experience Tuscany with Handbells

Presented by William Kyle

Resonate Tours invites you to join us for a taste of Italian culture and a sample of our Tuscany tour experience. Consider expanding your horizons and ringing with us in 2020. Get all the detaiils while enjoying an expresso or affogato (What’s that???) with your newest friends. special gift for anyone who registers for this session!

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Use of Tablets to Hold Music

Handbell Musicians of America is committed to upholding the copyright laws of the United States and protecting the rights of our publishers, arrangers and composers.  If you wish to use a tablet computer to hold your music in place of standard paper copies on a music stand, you must contact the publisher of each piece of music to first obtain permission to convert a purchased piece of music to the format required for the tablet you are using.  Copies of the written permission received from publishers must be presented on request from the event organizer, event chair, or Handbell Musicians of America staff. Permission from a publisher for one piece does not imply permission for other songs from the same publisher.  The title of each song used in this format must be included in the written permission received. Attendee should also have legally purchased copies of all music with them for verification.