Silent Auction

To complement our virtual National Seminar, we are introducing our Silent Auction in a virtual environment as well, so that all may participate. Even though we are not meeting in person this year, everyone will have the opportunity to bid on our usual lineup of donated items.

To donate an item or items to the National Seminar Silent Auction, please fill out the form below for each item you are donating. Please do NOT ship your items to the seminar site.  Note delivery options below

Here is a link to the various flat-rate shipping box sizes

Please upload up to 4 photos of your item to appear on the auction site.

Visit the Silent Auction

You do not need to attend National Seminar to bid on items.*

*Because of varied shipping rates and because many donors are covering shipping costs, participation is limited to the U.S. for this year’s auction.

Silent Auction Donation Ideas

Themed Baskets or Boxes

Collect items that represent your Area, state, or locality such as food items, souvenirs, items known for being manufactured in your area.

Handcrafted Craft Items

Are you a maker of jewelry, quilts, unique sewing projects, wood carvings, etc.? Consider donating your work either bell-related or otherwise.

Music Commissions

Each year, attendees look forward to bidding on music commissions from their favorite composers and arrangers. Your work would be a much-appreciated addition to the silent auction.

Virtual Coaching Session

People are becoming more used to learning in a virtual environment. If you’re a handbell clinician, you might offer your services for an online Zoom or Skype coaching session for a choir, ensemble or soloist.

A Weekend or a Week in a Timeshare

If you have some days in a timeshare you will not be using, consider donating them to the silent  auction

Handbell Books and Music

Do you have books or sets of music that you’re no longer using? Perhaps they can find a new home through the silent auction.

Achieving Artistic Arpeggios

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