These options involve cumulative learning over multiple class sessions. Participants should plan to attend all sessions included in the track. When registering, please make sure you select the track option you choose in each session it is offered. You are not required to take a track, but if you do, you must attend all sessions of that track.


Advanced Ringing Track presented by Sondra Tucker

“Ringing with Style” incorporates a variety of choral and keyboard techniques to keep varied repertoire stylistically unique. From lyrical to pulsating, each piece of music offers a singular opportunity for interpretation.  This is a 5-class track.  Attendance is required in all sessions.

“English Folk Song Suite” – Tucker, Casa Publishing/hb022
“Blaze” – Kyle, Alfred/44599
“Aria” – Tucker, Beckenhorst/hb455
“Two Brahms Intermezzi” – Moklebust, Alfred/15739

All Star Choir presented by Monica McGowan and Bill Mathis

Audition is required.  This is a 7-class track and attendance at all is required.

“Victory & Meditation” – Mallory #HB543 L.4
” Impressions on Veni, Emmanuel” – Moklebust #CGB 1000 / CGB 1001 L.4 (Release date TBD)
” Joyful, Joyful” – Mathis (will supply copies}
“Incalzando” – Allured #HP5160 Adv
“Meditation on Passion Choral” – Childers #G-6933 L.4+
“Life’s Journey” – Krug #JHS9532 L.5

Beginning Directors & Ringers Track presented by Nancy Jessup

This track is for entry-level ringers and those who direct but have little opportunity to ring. We’ll work on basic stroke, damping, frequently used techniques, and we will learn how to play  musically. Come, ring and learn in a stress-free environment.  This is a 5-class track and attendance is required at all sessions.

“All Glory Laud & Honor” – Dobrinski, Agape/2355
“Petite Rondo” – Helman, AGEHR/23014
“Processional & Joyful Dance” – M Tucker, CGB672
“Ring Together Spirituals” – Rogers, JHS9260
“This Is My Father’s World” – Page, CGB734

Composers Track 1: Concept to Completion presented by Jason Krug

When seeing a printed piece of usic, it’s hard to fathom all the thoughts and considerations that went into creating it. In this class, watch as a piece of music gets written – start to finish – before your eyes. Bring your musical ideas and questions to help with the creation of the final product.

Composers Track 2: Composing for Publication presented by Jason Krug

Writing a piece of music is hard enough, but what if you want your piece to be something a publisher will accept? Come learn tips and discuss considerations to help your piece find a home in print.

Composers Track 3: Commissions & Collaborations presented by Jason Krug

Little is more special for an ensemble than commissioning a composer to write a piece for them … but for the composer, it can be a nerve-wracking experience! Join a discussion on the ins and outs of commissions from both sides of the table, the collaboration between the composer and the commissioning group, as well as musical collaborations with other composers.

Composers Track 4: The Unglamorous Life of a Composer presented by Jason Krug

When people think of composers, they picture enraptured individuals scribing inspired works of art. In reality, this is a small part of a composer’s life; much of what a composer does is mundane, boring, and decidedly not glamorous. Come discuss all the unexciting parts of the job and explore tips and tricks to keep everything straight and get it all done.

Intermediate Ringing Track presented by Michael Kastner

Using intermediate level music and techniques to prepare and rehearse with a performance in mind. Minimize distractions using practiced techniques. Add visual emphasis to give the audience a fuller experience.  This is a 5-class track.  Attendance at all sessions is required.  Advance purchase of track music is required. Ringing assignments will be sent in May.

“Katse” – Kastner, Beckenhorst/hb447
“From Everlasting to Everlasting” – Turner, Sonology
“Simple Gifts” – Austin, Alfred/ap44245
“Carol of the Three Kings” – Kastner, Beckenhorst/hb494


*Participants in these tracks will be required to purchase and prepare the repertoire listed in advance.  Position assignments will be provided in May, 2017.

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Use of Tablets to Hold Music 

Handbell Musicians of America is committed to upholding the copyright laws of the United States and protecting the rights of our publishers, arrangers and composers.  If you wish to use a tablet computer to hold your music in place of standard paper copies on a music stand, you must contact the publisher of each piece of music to first obtain permission to convert a purchased piece of music to the format required for the tablet you are using.  Copies of the written permission received from publishers must be presented on request from the event organizer, event chair, or Handbell Musicians of America staff. Permission from a publisher for one piece does not imply permission for other songs from the same publisher.  The title of each song used in this format must be included in the written permission received. Attendee should also have legally purchased copies of all music with them for verification.