Deb Heine Scholarship for Young Ringers

The Deb Heine Scholarship for Young Ringers provides assistance to qualified individuals for participation in Handbell Musicians of America’s national events. In 2018, two scholarships will be made available for attendees of the Handbell Musicians of America Distinctly Teen.

Scholarship Includes:

  • Full registration
  • Shared occupancy of a double hotel room 19, 20, and 21, 2018, at the event hotel
  • Up to three hundred dollars ($300.00) to be reimbursed for travel expenses

Applicant Criteria:

  • Applicants must be full members of Handbell Musicians of America, affiliated with a recognized member organization, or participants in a group directed by a full Guild member
  • Applicants must be young ringers – under the age of 20 at the time the event occurs
  • Applicants must demonstrate financial need
  • Applicants must describe desire to attend and goals to be realized by participating in Distinctly Teen and how knowledge gained there will be shared
  • Applicants must include a statement of support from a Guild member

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Event Schedules

General Event Schedule

Pre-registration is required for all Seminar classes. To help you plan which classes you wish to take before completing the online registration process, you may download and fill out the following Personal Event Schedule Planner.



Use of Tablets to Hold Music

Handbell Musicians of America is committed to upholding the copyright laws of the United States and protecting the rights of our publishers, arrangers and composers.  If you wish to use a tablet computer to hold your music in place of standard paper copies on a music stand, you must contact the publisher of each piece of music to first obtain permission to convert a purchased piece of music to the format required for the tablet you are using.  Copies of the written permission received from publishers must be presented on request from the event organizer, event chair, or Handbell Musicians of America staff. Permission from a publisher for one piece does not imply permission for other songs from the same publisher.  The title of each song used in this format must be included in the written permission received. Attendee should also have legally purchased copies of all music with them for verification.